domingo, 2 de marzo de 2008

Europeana: digital library demo online

Europeana, the European digital library, will be an online portal
giving direct access to digitised content from Europe's museums,
archives, libraries and audio-visual collections.

A demo of the site showing suggested functionality and look and feel
is now available at

A survey follows the demo, and all visitors are encouraged to complete
it so that the site developers have a clear understanding of user
needs and expectations.

A Technical Requirements Questionnaire for potential content providers
is also online. When the prototype Europeana launches in November 2008
it will index and access 2 million digitised object, drawn from
cultural heritage collections across Europe.

Please forward this link to other interested colleagues within IFLA
and across the museum, archive and audio-visual domains.

With thanks,

Jon Purday
The European digital library network
+31 [0] 70314 0684

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