sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

UNESCO helps preserve Indian documentary heritage

04-04-2008 (New Delhi)

A UNESCO-supported project "Preservation and Conservation of Rare
Documents of St. Xavier's College Library, Kolkata" has recently been
completed. Several thousands of pages of rare documents from the
College library have been recovered, preserved and digitised.
St. Xavier's College was established in 1860. It is now one of the
oldest colleges in the South Asian sub-region. The College library
holds a golden treasury of very old printed documents, providing from
donations of books by the provincial governments and European
missionaries in the last century.
The documentary collection includes philosophical thoughts of eminent
thinkers of eighteenth century, philosophy of sciences, historical
accounts, religious scriptures, etc. Unfortunately, this heritage is
continuously decaying towards extinction, which would be an enormous
cultural loss for India.
Selected rare documents of the College library have been recovered,
preserved and digitised under this collaborative project. Physical
preservation was carried out for 31 614 pages from 52 volumes of books
through fumigation, de-acidification and tissue lamination processes.
24 686 pages from 51 volumes of rare books and 99 rare paintings were
digitally preserved on DVD-ROMs and intranet server.
An exhibition of rare documents took place in March 2008 in the
College premises. The oldest article among the exhibited pieces was
published in 1632.

Digitised collection of rare paintings of St. Xavier's College,


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Anup Kumar Das
New Delhi